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Some things never go out of style. The perfect-fitting dress, elegant formal wear, and of course, customer satisfaction which is the hallmark of Manizheh. Need a custom-made dress? Or perhaps a dress alteration? Come on down to Manizheh Studio for top-quality and speedy tailoring services.


Either a party dress to look stunning or a formal dress to look professional, I am here to help you. Please check my Instagram page to check out my designs. 

How to hem a wedding dress!


Looking for expert tailoring services in the Edmonton area? You’ve come to the right place. I take great pride in my ability to provide personally stylized clothing for all of my clients. My hands-on technique ensures a perfect fit every time. Each garment is meticulously cut, sewn, and finished to fit comfortably, wear well, and look great.



11621 17 Ave SW, Edmonton, AB T6W 1Y4, Canada

(780) 668 – 5383

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How It All Began

I am passionate about fashion and design. I enjoy every day of my work designing a dress or altering a dress to fit one of my most valued clients.

I love to be outside exploring new adventures with my family and friends as well. I can’t lie about the long winter here but I enjoy the beautiful summertime in Edmonton. 

Since 2018, I have been serving the Edmonton area with professional tailoring services. My creative approach and efficient workmanship are the key ingredients of my success.

I work with each one of my clients to create a fashion design that suits them, providing a feeling of uniqueness, quality, and beauty. I pride myself on always leaving my clients feeling great about their new look.